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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

on Harry Potter...

This site is devoted to all things Christian (not just music). I feel like this needs to get out to the public for a while to create some awareness.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


The entertainment industry is inundated with junk. If you're into movies, here is a short list of stuff that you can watch without having to grieve the Holy Spirit to the point of wrecking yourself. Again, it's really short. If you have any to add, please let me know.

1. One Night With The King
2.  Inception
3.  The Blind Side
4.  Fireproof
5.  Groundhog Day
6.  The Moment After (series)
7.  Eagle Eye
8.  The Rookie
9.  The Passion Of The Christ
10.  The Chronicles of Narnia
11.  Bond Of Silence
12.  The Bridge (Purchased through World Missionary Press)
13.  The Next Three Days
14.  The Pursuit Of Happyness
15.  Facing The Giants
16.  Invisible Enemies
17.  Hangman's Curse
18.  Tribulation
19.  Left Behind
20.  Escape From Hell
21.  Soul Surfer
22.  Secondhand Lions
23.  Air Force One
24.  Pride and Prejudice
25.  The Nativity Story
26.  Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music
27.  Courageous