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Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Epic - Curse

So My Epic just released a new track called Curse off their upcoming album Behold that's set to release in December. Seems to me like these guys are progressing musically into deeper artistic territories which is nice to hear. For those of you that are new to My Epic, their sound is a mesh between a falling feather and a soaring rocket. Kind of leaves me with a feeling of wanting to do something greater with my short life... uneasy and unsatisfied, yet full.

Monday, October 14, 2013

This Divided World

I am being brutally pummeled right now by a band called This Divided World. No actually, I am really enjoying them. They have a nice touch with lack of redundancy, lightning quick drums, sludgy guitars and lower-pitched growls. If you're into getting hammered musically, then this is it.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Enduring House

I recently checked back on an East Texas band that I discovered over a year ago and I was pleasantly surprised to see how they're progressing musically. Their newest material is up on Bandcamp, and though they aren't the final "professional" recordings, they're still really good. Enduring House has a mixture of Southern rock, Post-grunge and Classic Metal. The guitar work as far as writing is definitely not boring and has some creativity. The singer has decent range and a voice personality that you don't hear often. Definitely, give this band a try. I look forward to their new, finished material.

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The Final Quest

Right now, I am reading a book called The Final Quest by Rick Joyner. I stumbled onto it actually, and had no idea what it was about. I really don't recommend books that often because I am unsure as to whether Christ would want me to or not. This book however is different. From the start, I have been locked onto it, absorbing what I believe to be incredible revelations. From what I understand, Rick derived all the content in the book from a dream then visions and prophetic experiences. It will take you on a serious ride and if you are open to it, can change your life. Numerous times today while reading, I have felt the Holy Spirit all over my face strongly. Maybe it's because I am so focused and enthralled by the story, and it is true... or maybe my faith is increasing greatly. I am not sure. All I know is, it is changing me for the better. If you're interested in reading it, here is a link to a free online copy.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Loud Bird - Tree

I just randomly picked a band on Noisetrade the other day called Loud Bird. After giving it a listen (the day was perfect for their sound - cloudy and overcast), I was thrilled to find something different that hearkens back to the 90's era where bands didn't really care how much recognition they got or how many records they sold. Their sound is hard to pin down because it is layered and noisy but beautiful at the same time. The vocals aren't the most dominant part. They just kind of hover in the background. The music is very explorative and I really like the drum beats and overlayed sounds. All in all, this is most definitely a band that people need to know about if you're into sonic-alternative, and one that I highly recommend. Nice find.

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Scott Stapp - Slow Suicide - Proof of Life

Scott Stapp just released a new song called Slow Suicide for his upcoming album "Proof of Life" that's due to hit on November 11 this year. You've probably heard, Scott has made serious changes in his life and has even written a book about it called Sinner's Creed. By the sound of this song, his music is a little different now (my son thinks it's better than new Creed), and has a more straight up hard rock feel. I am glad that he didn't go in a more mellow direction. Part of what I liked about him in the early Creed years was how he brought the house down vocally, building on the choruses. It's good to have him back in an even better way. I'm excited to hear the rest of the album.