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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Help For Bands

To all you fellow musicians that would like to share your music, here are some sites that you can go to and do that.

  • Reverbnation (my favorite) The only exception is with the free version you can only upload up to 8mb tracks. This is bad if you want people to hear a superior quality track. I recommend encoding your mp3's in no less that 192 kbps. What I have seen people do to get around this is encode it superior quality and then upload half the track. Of course, you can always just upgrade to mega song storage and avoid this. The cost is $29.95. All in all, Reverbnation has a nice look and feel and has been pretty good so far.

  • Facebook (not into it) I just can't seem to wrap my head around the whole like thing. It annoys me that I get constantly bombarded in this industry with people begging everybody to give them a like, or if you want to hear a song, you have to like it first. Isn't that kind of strange?

  • Noisetrade - This site is most excellent. I have had several people download my music here. I think as far as helping your overall reach, this is the site that you need to be on. The only downside has been lack of quality support on an issue that I have had.

  • Bandcamp - This site allows you to upload superior quality music files which is awesome. It also affords you really nice options as far as creating your band page. I am really not sure how much exposure overall these guys give you. The major downside for me is the platform. It's not very user-friendly and is difficult to learn.

  • Myspace - Yes, people still using (including me). It comes up high in the searches.

Soundcloud - There is just something about looking at a nicely mixed and mastered sound file while listening to it. Soundcloud does just that and they allow you to upload high quality files and share them on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook with a click. Soundcloud has a nice, streamlined format that is very minimalist. 

  • Purevolume - is one of those sites for bands that still sits rather underground. It has a nice platform, sleek features; It just hasn't really taken off, when really it should have by now. Many bands do put a Purevolume link on their page and you should as well. It's really good. With a free account, you can upload 4 songs as MP3 files only. There is also a Pro upgrade that allows you to upload 35 songs and it gives you priority search ranking and many other upgrades. It starts at $9.99 monthly and has options for a 6 month and yearly plan that goes up to $69.99.