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Friday, August 30, 2013

Mouth of the South - Transparency

Ok, I don't feature a band on my blog very often unless they really get my attention. 2 or 3 years back I found out about Mouth of the South when they were a little band. I checked them out, found them worthy, and put them on my metal post with all the other bands. But lately, I have noticed a lot of buzz about this band. As with most of the tiny, underground bands I find, I figured they would make an EP and fold after about a year or so. But not these guys. After scoping two videos for their songs Riddance and Uprooted, I was blown away. These guys have definitely not only mastered their craft, but have brought a new sound the metal market. Finally, something truly heavy with groove. I hope this is an indicator of the direction metal is taking now, because this is good! Here is one of the songs that I mentioned. I think you'll agree too.

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Photo credit goes to:  Prison Mike

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