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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Quiet Waters - Comfort

Ok, so I have already written about this album and artist, but I wanted to call more attention to this side project, by former Separatist member Sam Dishington, called Quiet Waters. The EP is titled Comfort and if you donate, the proceeds go directly to the A21 Campaign.

What makes this project really intriguing is that Sam is a big-time metal guy and this is a straight up Alternative Rock album. So you have some serious skill behind the album. It's like toned down energy that's explosive. I will admit... When I first heard the album, I thought it was ok, but the more I have played it, the more I realize how refreshing it is, in a scene that is too predictable.

One of my favorite decades in music is the 90's, and the sound he has captured on this one, incorporates a lot of those elements. But beyond the sound, it is total one on one worship to Almighty God. I read somewhere that Sam said that he got sort of complacent singing other peoples worship music. He wanted to do something on a personal level between him and God. And let me tell you, it is powerful. Sometimes, I get seriously taken aback by the raw emotion on this record.

I just had to share it again....

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