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Monday, May 21, 2012

Christian Classic Rock Bands and Jesus Music

Justyn Rees

Newborn     -     Classic Acoustic/ Folk

Mary McKee & The Genesis

The Messengers Of The Cross     -     Jesus Music

The GospelFolk     -     Rock (1969)  

Flock     -     Groovy Rock

Trinity     -     Rock

God Unlimited     -     Rock

The Sharons      -      Rock

Messengers Of The Cross     -     Jesus Music

The Emmaus Road Band     -     Southern Style Rock

Christbearer     -     Psych Folk

Linda & Betty Lownes     -     Hip Organic Folk Rock

Good Seed     -     Groovin' Power Worship Rock

Exordium     -     British Folk Rock

Valerie Mountain     -     60's Easy Listening

Sonfolk     -     Psychy Rock























Barry Woods     -     Country Rock (78)



















Under New Management     -     "Family Band" Style (73-80)















Newbury  Park     -      Jesus Music w/ horns

Lamb     -     Messianic/Folk Rock/Psych/Eclectic

Isabel Baker     -     Twangy Gospel/ Oldies

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