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Friday, September 7, 2012

The Old-Timers

I was given an album a while back of a band called "The Old-timers". I went through a punk-period back when I was a skater (in the 80's) which consisted of bands like:  G.B.H., Subhumans, Vandals, Minor Threat, Hard Ons and so many others. Listening to this album took me back in a totally positive way. It's filled with all of the same energy and sound that all those older bands had, but with the love of Jesus Christ throughout. Getting this album has really taken me back to a special place in time, only now it's something I can totally get in to. They are signed to a label called Thumper Punk Records. They have many other bands that are signed that I plan on checking out.

For now, if you ever liked real punk, drop what you're doing and check out The Old-timers. You won't be disappointed. God bless!

Buy Their Albums HERE


  1. These guys are so awesome. I was feeling really good about the last session of recording I was doing. Then I heard the Old Timers and I was like dang it... must speed up my songs.


    1. HAHA! I totally know what you mean Byron! I feel the need... the need... for SPEED!

  2. These guys are great. Really enjoy their stuff...especially the last song.

  3. Yes, this band has some really, really good vibes going! Glad you enjoyed!