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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christian Punk and Grunge Bands

Due to the overwhelming interest in "just" grunge bands and the like, I decided to try and put a blog together on just those. I will be continuing to add more and more so be sure to check back! Jesus bless you!

Black Cherry Soda     -      Grungy Punk

Flood23     -     Post-Grunge

Not My Own     -     Post-grungers

Stir     -     Post-grunge

Raising Lazarus     -     Post-grunge

Trees of Eden     -     Post-grunge

Sometime Sunday     -     Bluesy Grunge

Forevertree     -     Post-grunge/ Grunge

One Way Home     -     Southern Post-Grunge (sounds a bit like 7mary3)

Nobody Special     -      Punk

The Crucified     -     Thrashy Punk (think Suicidal Tendencies/Minor Threat)

the WAY     -     Punk

True Liberty     -     Punk

Unshackled     -     Punk

Break The Curse     -     Chicago Style Hardcore Punk

Transience Invalid     -     Post Punk

Bone Prophet     -      Post-Grunge

Lust Control     -     Punk

Declaration AD     -     Hardcore/ Punk

The Old-Timers     -     Punk

Jump Ship Quick     -     Punk

The Kings Kids     -     Punk

Ambassadors of Shalom     -     Punk

Precious Death     -     Grungy Metal

Officer Negative     -     Old-school Punk

180 OUT     -     Alternative Punk Rock

Infirmities     -     Old-school Punk

The Lonely Revolts     -     Old-school Punk

A Broken Line     -     Punk/Alternative/Surf

Hippos Of Doom     -     Punk/Hardcore

Stir     -     Post-Grunge

Yonderboy     -     Grunge (Don't confuse with UK band Yonderboi)

Our Corpse Destroyed     -     Punk Rock

My Cat Puddinhead     -     Grunge/Heavy Groove

Siervos     -    Punk/Hardcore (G.B. Style)

Call To Glory     -     Punk (LA)

Atrocities     -     Punk/Hardcore

Dig Hay Zoose     -     Grunge Sludge Funk

Divinity Theory   -   East Coast Punk

Anti-World System     -     Hardcore Punk/ Thrash


  1. five iron frenzy - ska punk
    the w's - swing/revival
    my cat puddinhead - heavy metal/grunge

    1. Thank you kind sir for turning me on to My Cat Puddinhead. Nice band.

  2. Christian D-beat punk band from Chicago

  3. Can you also create these lists

    Christian Industrial Nu Metal Band

    Christian Rapcore bands

    Christian Nu Metal Band lists