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Friday, December 2, 2011

Record Labels

Demo Submissions and Record Labels

My only admonition when you pursue a label is to carefully pray about it. Being a touring musician means that you will encounter numerous temptations out on the road; I have seen many a band member start to recede back into the world system. My only advice is to stay plugged into the Word daily and have an accountability partner back home that you call every day. And if you blow it, still call.

My personal advice is to start your own label and if possible give all your music away free or use all the money you make towards propagating the Gospel. But, I understand that some touring bands need the cash to live and provide for their families. 

  • Absolute Records     Franklin, TN


  • Ardent Records - accepting demo submissions

          Memphis, TN
          Genre - Christian

  • Bar-None Records - accepting demo submissions (please read demo policy)

          Based in NJ
          Genre - American Indie Rock

  • Epitaph Records - Gladly accepts demos

          Based in LA, USA
          Genres - Punk, Rock, etc...

  • Veedee Records - They listen to EVERY demo they receive.

          Genres - anything BUT hardcore, hip-hop or metal

  • Lamon Records - always has open-door policy for demo submission (please read demo policy)


  • TVT Records - Please read demo policy


  • Holocene Music! - Happily accepts demo submissions


  • Morphius Records - Read demo info on the contact us page

          Genres - Rock, punk, hip-hop, etc.

  • Facedown Records - accepting demo submissions (please read policy info on website)

Genres - metal, hardcore, christian

NOTE:  Facedown also has Strike First Records & Dreamt Music which cover different genres.

  • Thumper Punk Records - demos accepted HERE

Genres - Punk

  • Rottweiler Records     -    Accepting Demos! Read demo info on the contact us page

Genres - Punk, Metal, Hardcore and anything different

  • Sancrosanct Records            

Genre  -  Metal

  • Raging Storm Records

Genre  -  Metal

  • Roxx Records

Genre  -  Metal/Hard Rock
Submit demos to:
Roxx Productions
PO Box 2153
Irwindale, CA 91706

*Only accepts CD or CDR - No Downloads
*If you take the time to put a nice package together, then they will take you more serious.

  • Repent Records 
Genre  -  Gospel/Rap/Hip Hop
For Demo Submission Contact Us At:

  • Grace and Peace Records
Genre  -  Hip Hop/R&B/Gospel
For More Information Go To:

  • Grrr Records 
Genre  -  Variety
For More Information Go To:

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