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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hear 2 Heal

This morning I was going through my list of reviews and I finally got to Eliot Sloan's interactive performing arts project called "Hear 2 Heal". You may remember Eliot from being the founder and lead singer of the platinum-selling band, "Blessid Union Of Souls". Well, Hear 2 Heal involves him going into schools and helping the students to create their own performing arts adventure to the music of his band, and then playing that experience out on their school stage to friends and family. Quoting from his website,

"This will give the students an opportunity to be heard and address their issues through the music of Blessid Union and their media of choice (choir/band/theater/AV/dance...), and then heal through the process of expression and opening lines of communication."

I honestly felt moved when I learned about what he was doing. He seems like a caring person that really does want to help kids, and we all know that kids really need good mentors early in their lives, especially during their high school years. I encourage you to get your schools involved and learn more about what Eliot is doing. And please watch this video because it helped me understand it better.




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