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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Ultimate Indie Bundle

I've been looking through the Indie Bible the last several weeks and I am realizing that this is perhaps one of the most valuable resources a serious musician can have on hand. You may even remember the very first Indie Bible that came out years ago in bookstores across the US. I remember secretly wanting one, because deep down, I wanted to play music for a living and I knew that this book could help me do that. Well now, 14 editions later, The Indie Bible is still doing the same thing, as it evolves with our ever-changing music industry, only now they have what is called The Indie Bundle. I was even surprised to find my blog in it, as well as tons of listings that I had no idea even existed. Whoever runs their research department must not get much sleep. The Indie Bundle is essentially the Indie Bible E-Book, The Indie Bible Online and The Indie Venue Bible.  So, exactly what is The Indie Bundle?

In The Indie Bible, you will find resources like:

• 2500 magazines and music blogs that will review your music
• 3100 radio stations that welcome independent music
• 1800 labels and distributors that will help you to sell your music
• 1000 promotion, marketing, management, PR and publicity services
• 400 sites where you can upload your band's MP3s or videos
• 190 articles from industry pros that will help you understand the music business better in areas of marketing, contracts, touring, social media, getting airplay, copyright law, how to approach radio hosts and music editors and much more...
  • And these numbers are constantly changing (increasing) as they discover new resources.

  • The Indie Bible Online has the same benefits the Indie Bible does, but you can export the data into your own database. It also delivers user-friendly search options as well as hundreds of additional listings, that are updated daily. I also found it to be much faster than the E-Book because it allowed me to specifically find what I wanted using drop down menus.

In The Venue Bible, you will find:
  • 7 venue directories that have 32,000 live music venues (churches, colleges, coffee shops, theaters, etc.)... as well as 3,500 booking agents in the US and Canada that cover just about all genres. This allows you to plan your tour locally, regionally or nationally. The Indie Venue Bible is in E-Book (Adobe .pdf) format and is updated daily that way you don't waste any time. 

I have personally gone through much of The Indie Bundle and I can tell you that you won't see it all in one sitting. I mean, there is so much to go through. These guys have put together a classic! And so, I am promoting this as a serious resource for serious musicians. If you want to have all these things that I've written about, then you should look into signing up for the free trial and see for yourself. And right now, they are offering all of it for $59.95, when it is usually $340 if all the directories are bought separately. Here is a link on how to get started.



  1. Why can't I find any real reviews of the Ultimate Indie Bundle? Every review I have seen is another advertisement to sell the book. Does anyone own this?

  2. I am really sorry that you feel this way about my review. The truth is, I couldn't find anything bad about it. I was given a copy of the bundle and I explored it over the course of three weeks. My conclusion is that it will help you if you apply it. Thanks!