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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Redruth - Origins

I want to make mention of a band today called Redruth. They are one of the great many Australian bands that are putting out awesome music these days. In fact, I was so thrilled that I tapped into that scene, that for a while, that's the scene I was searching through fairly exclusively. December of last year, they put out a new album called "Origins", and it has well-produced music on it that has a nice edge to it. If you ever got into Depeche Mode or the new wave music in the late 80's, then you will really like this band.

Their music has a nice drivin' beat and sound to it, and has a "fresh breath of air" vibe to it that leaves you feeling good. Oh, and these guys are sold out to Jesus, so you won't be lacking there. By far, Redruth is a band that you should have in your collection.

Band Page

Redruth YouTube

Redruth Facebook Page

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