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Monday, January 8, 2018

Hymns For Selena

I want to share something special that I have recently come across called Hymns For Selena. This is one of the most Christlike stories that I have learned about this year and it has really touched my heart. The story in a nutshell is Josh and Angela Walker were on a mission trip in Guatemala where they fell in love with an orphan named Selena who has cerebral palsy. Their heart was overwhelmed with love for her and they wanted to adopt her and bring her back to the states. But due to changes taking place with international adoption laws they were unable to do that and still haven't been able to after 6 years.
However, the story doesn't end there. They love her, they pray for her and want the best for her so they put together a project comprised of 12 different artists doing 10 hymns in modern fashion. When I listened to the album I discovered a beautiful taste and selection of instruments where the arrangements were obviously well thought out. I was also very surprised at the talent displayed and the high level of production value. The important question for me when looking at an album made by Christians is whether or not the Holy Spirit is involved, and on this one, I definitely felt God present. Overall, the album left me feeling very satisfied and uplifted., and is one of the best I have heard all year.
Please watch the video and go to their website to get involved. The album is available for free on NoiseTrade and I encourage you to go there, download it and leave a tip. 100% of the proceeds go to her foster family in Guatemala to meet her needs.

Download The Album HERE
For More Information, Visit Their Website HERE

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