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Monday, January 8, 2018

Laws of Average Interview

Not only do Laws of Average rock, but they also a really nice group of guys that have their hearts really set on trying to impact this world with their music. They have a pretty intense story about how they came together and once you get a bead on who they are, you just can't help but support them. I recently had the chance to interview this up and coming band and I strongly encourage everyone to get behind them. They released one album already called Sickness I Have and are in the studio putting the next one together. Here is the interview below:

How long has LOA been together and how did you guys form?

Brett Gerringer (Guitarist) and I (Johnson Bissell, Vocalist) met while attending high school (1999) in South Carolina. We mostly played in other groups off and on, but came together in 2002 to form the band “From Ink to Blood”. In 2005 Brett got a job in Washington, DC and had to leave the band soon after the band broke up. It just so happens that in 2010 I moved up to the same area that Brett was living in at which point we started writing and preforming together again. The bass and drum position was kind of a revolving door for us, nothing really finding just the right fit. But, earlier this year we picked up Tim Caracciolo on the Bass and Matt McNeely on the Drums. The first time all four of us jammed together, we wrote three new songs… It just kind of clicked!

Is there a principal songwriter in the band or do all members contribute?

Well, with the last album “Sickness I Have” EP and up to now, the music has been written by Brett and I. though currently, we are writing some new songs which the writing process kind of unfolds differently depending on whose in the room.

So are you guys pretty stoked to open up for Taproot on this upcoming tour?

We are riddled with glee to get to be on the bill with them. It’s one of those groups you grew up listening to. These guys are out there rocking crowds still every night bringing down the house and we get to share the stage with them.

How did you get connected with them?

We got connected through our new booking agent (James Coffey) over at Scream City Productions.

What it’s like to work with Scream City Productions?

It’s been quite the blessing. We are new to the company and to having someone doing the booking for us is awesome. It’s kind of weird though letting go of the reins, because we are so use to doing everything ourselves. But, at some point you need that heavy hitter to get you on those festivals and venues that never return your calls unless you have representation.

I've been following you for a while now on Reverbnation. I've noticed that lately it seems like things are really starting to pick up speed for you as a band. Do you guys feel the same way?

Time will tell… We hope so! But, our main focus right now is putting on the best shows we possibly can and give the people something special when they come out to see us. We hope with these next few shows and with the other great things coming this year, we continue to just grow our audience, because in a nutshell that is what matters. We love the live experience and to interact with our new fans. 2014 should be quite the epic year if lord willing our hard work continues to lead us down the path we seem to currently be on.

What would you say is the band's main goal to accomplish in the music industry?


I understand that you have one record done called Sickness I Have. Any plans on another album in the near future?

Yes. We are currently rumbling secretly in the lab right now writing new stuff. Right now though, we are just touring and promoting the “Sickness I have” EP. We feel it’s an honest record and deserves it’s time to shine. Now, if you come to our live shows, you'll hear some new stuff we are working on. So really, it comes back to you just got to come see us live. Haha….. Seriously, come see us live!

One of your songs that really intrigues me is Lonely. Can you tell me a little about what that song means?

It’s about a girl (like most songs), heartbreak, and all things surrounding me at that time. When you hear the lyrics like “now I live inside my car”, that’s just it, I was living in my car! When you hear things like “she is still dying to be cut”, this person I love was fighting sickness which told her hurting herself relieves pain. The actual original name of the song was “CUTTER”, but the record label wasn’t too happy about it, so we changed it. That song has a special meaning with me, as it is basically a timeline of my life back in 2011.

What song that you've written do you think has the most impact on people?

Hmmm… It’s tough to say. Different folks relate to different songs on the record. Some people gravitate to the song “Inside” being their favorite. Some people relate more in their own lives to songs like “Nailz” or “Ya Lie”, just like you have expressed interest in “Lonely” aka “Cutter”. This is one of the coolest things about the record. Lots of people float towards different songs depending. I look at the whole “Sickness I Have” EP just as a report of a human being.

What song does LOA enjoy playing most live?

Probably “Ya Lie”, because it is the one that the crowd is usually singing back to us, plus it features a long guitar solo that our guitarist Brett always looks forward to playing. In addition, we got some new ones which we really like playing as well. That is why it’s so important for everyone to check out our website frequently to see what is new or find out when we are close to you to come see us live. We will give you every ounce of energy we got to make sure when we are done, u feel like you have seen something special.

What is the music scene like locally where you live?

Well, we are from different spots. Originally Brett and I are from Charleston, SC which has a very rich history of music of all types delivering straight hard rock to backyard country. Locally it’s kind of dead unless you want to hear many different covers of Lynyrd Skynyrd songs. Here in the Washington, DC and Baltimore region it’s kind of leading in the new wave rock that is current that week. Locally, all styles, national acts, and cut throat musicians arriving and departing daily.

What does the band enjoy doing outside of the music?

Work our normal jobs and do just normal guy stuff, really i.e. Sports Cars, Football, Hockey, and just hanging out with friends & family.

How important is faith in Jesus Christ to LOA?

This is where I was coming from with this whole sickness I have record, the record itself deals with trusting God and Jesus despite the traps the enemy sets for us. This group in its inception was based upon this faith, we've lost people who we love while making this music....sometimes we suffered setbacks which would brake lots and lots of groups but thru the faith in our lord Jesus, in knowing his love and knowing that we hurt down here because it’s our job to get past that hurt and show how great he is. It’s about trusting the ever living God and understanding how spiritual warfare works. Thanking God is the best way to begin. We take so many things for granted around us and our lord loves when you notice the wonder of his creation. There is so much good to love and fight for in this world, and of course you got the other side which is the enemy of the true light, we don't fear the enemy over here......we are not scared of anything but our of father above us. It’s thru him we breath every second....it’s thru him our gifts lift us up to continue to glorify his greater purpose and to be committed to being a piece of this purpose is the ultimate bliss.

Do you have any final words you would like to share with your readers?

Please check us out at  https://www.facebook.com/lawsofaverage?ref=hl   where we can update you on the goings on with the groups as they go down. Hit us up with likes check out our twitter and youtube channels. Look out for us on youtube here soon we are going to really be putting on some entertaining things only like we could up there real soon. It’s going to be bonkers. If you are interested in purchasing the record you could get it at http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=847726007421

We love our fans.....keep your eyes open for us.....and keep your eyes open in general folks ...support christian underground we got to stick together in these times especially. We need to drop the divisions as christians which divided us in the past and come together under one universal truth of love for one another, showing this unwavering love which Christ taught us will wake more folks up to the greatness of the good news of Christ. It begins with love. Come see us live and become part of the laws of average family which grows by the hour. Thanks to all who are supporting us we love you.

Interviewer:  Cory Enderby (2013)

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